Moo simply means "pig" in Thai. It's one of an old-fashioned name. In Eastern world 'Pig' symbolises 'wealthiness'. I wish I could be as a happy wealthy pig some day :)

Moo (me) was born in 1980 and raised up in Bangkok, Thailand. I grew up in the common middle-low extened Thai-Chinese family. Since I was treated with Japanese manga culture like everyone else here, my childhood dream was wanting to be a cartoonist. I started to draw when attending primary schoo, Japanese manga stylel. So far, this was not well supported by family since my father was talented in drawing but that didn’t make good money. However, I had taken a short course of drawing caricature and painting, and done this as my hobby or gift giving.

In 1996, I was getting into international music. I had failed for 90’s British music scene. I became a massive fan of an alternative Welsh Rock band till now. By that interest of English music, it drove me to continue studying English program in university.

2002 - graduated Bachelor degree from Assumption University (Bangkok, Thailand) in Faculty of Arts, majoring Business English. Then experienced 2 jobs for only 9 months and was accidentally unemployed because the company collapsed. It turned me to have good chance in life. Then, I applied a Fashion Design course in a local school for 2 years. My first intention after finishing 2-yeared course, was to apply for a job again in fashion field.That's not easy. Not long from that time, my family invested big money ever for a small stall in the Pratunam area. Six months before course done, I decided to take a risk, put in all my saving money to the first shop at the brand-new open fashion building in the busiest area of Bangkok, named “Platinum Fashion Mall”

December 5, 2006 – Indigo Closet was opened by Moo and family support. To name a shop is absolutely difficult. Name Indigo Closet was inspired by the band “Indigo Girl”. (The truth is I never had any indigo closet in my shop !) My business was warmly welcomed from customers from all over the world. From east to west, from north to south, Indigo Closet was widely trusted.

It took only 3.5 years at the shop, then I decided to close. I worked really hard during that time. The business was very busy and continue growing. It’s probably too difficult for me to handle everything. I had job load, rare day-off, stress etc. I would say that time was the busiest period I ever had. My heart was calling "I need a big rest". I decided to leave big money behind. Shop was closed two months after my decision.

2009-till now, I have made less money from Indigo Closet but I have had more life. My lovely shop-customers still trust to buy from me. We do over internet, viewing stuffs in this website, making appointment, checking actual samples etc. Some of them never turn to Thailand for such few years and make the order through email. This is wonderful life that anyone could dream about. However, even I closed the shop I still sacrifice my life to work as I ever did.

Now I can explore the world, like you guys do. Thank you everyone here. You are very fabulous. We trust and make it happen ^^

To new customers, if you are looking for dyed quality Salu Cotton, don't hesitate to contact me

I'm still working !!!
I serve your satisfaction !!!


Music – a band “Manic Street Preachers” really takes part of my life. I was a little fan from 1996 and gradually happened to be a massive fan till now. Also collecting their music stuffs, books, etc. Never wait they to come to Thailand so, I’ve been going to their concerts abroad, having best chance to meet and talk to them face by face.
I make this website to dedicate to them.

Jewelry – I make retailing/wholesaling earrings and bracelet from semi-precious stones, mother of pearl, coral, fresh water pearl. This is a long time hobby that turns out to be little business, Little-Stones. I had started this hobby-business since 2003. I make all of them, every single piece. They are simple but precious. If you guys are interested, don't hesitate to contact me !







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