If you are questioning something, please don't hesitate to contact me.

1. What meterials used in Indigo Closet ?

Basically, I used Salu cotton. Lining is polyester. Some items are with other sort of cottons.

2. Do you do retail ? or just wholesale only ?

Now, on website, I only do wholesale.

3.How many / how much minimum for wholesale ?

30 pieces of each items (mixed colors available) or minimum purchase around 15,000 B

4.How to order and pay ?

Order : Email me with your interested items, check codes and colors.

Payment : I only accept payment in Thai Baht. Please make sure that your exchange currency is done right. This is wholesale price and I do get a few profit so I could not be responsible for the cost of exchage rate. The goods will be arranged at the numbers of the payment received. Over paid money will be keep for next time.

bank to bank :
If the purchase is lower than 30,000 B, then 500 B for bank fee and handling charge will be applied. Please noted that there will be some rate exchange among bank in your country and here. Customer is responsible for this.

destination cargo :
Or you can leave money with the shipping company / cargo in Pratunam area (Bangkok) (which you deal with) then we collect at them full amount with no fee.

Western Union :

5. What's about shipping cost ?

Customer will pay all packing and shipping cost. I can deliver your stuffs to the your destination cargo (in the city) with no charge. I'm sorry that I can't quote the shipping cost for each customers from vary countries. Please contact your shipping agent for this.

6. If I want to ship by courier, can you arrange that ?

Yes, I can arrange DHL, UPS, etc for you. You should have account with that company, in order that the delivery cost will be collected at your country. If you don't have one, all cost must be paid here. And it might take longer time to deliver since I have to check weight and inform you the amount then you transfer money.

Packing and shipping cost is by customer. I don't charge for more (or less) than the actual cost.

7. Do I need to do any documents to import these cloths from Thailand ?

Well, it really depends from country to country. Some countries in Europe needs paper C/O (Country of Origin) is required. So please speak to your destination cargo for these issues.

8. Could you stitch our brand label or paper tag on the cloths ?

Of course. But you have to prepare those label and tag for us. And normally, we have a label "Made in Thailand 100% cotton" in every single piece.

9. Do you have return policy ?

If you found defected product (that caused from us ex. dirty piece, button lost), we are pleased to change new ones to you.

10. How long do you take to make an order ?

Depends quantity, period and items. However, we require minimum 2 weeks (can be up to 4-6 weeks for more than 800 pcs or handmade items)

11. Can you make from our samples or pictures ?

I had done samples before. But after I found there are several problem for making customers sample, so I am sorry that now I do not make samples. But I will have new items from time to time. Please check with me.

12. Is it possible that the items may discolor or fade?

It is normal that natural handmade dyed colors may be washed out. Colors of our products is pretty permanent, if you care the right direction.

Soak in salted water or vinegar, it reduces discoloring. Wash dark, light and white colors seperately. After wash, try not to hang your items under strong sunshine.

13. Does it shrink after wash ?

No, it doesn't.

14. Will color be exactly the same for each collections ?

Since all of these things are colored by handmade dyed. So it will not 100% same to each other for same color. Please be informed for that.

15. Can you make new colors for specific order ?

No, I cannot. It's pretty difficult to have new color at a time. New color need to be developed for quite long. Because of handmade dye, the experience of the dyer is needed.

16. Can we meet up and see the new samples ? How and where ?

Yes we can. Please email me to make an appointment. I still have a little warehouse in the Platinum building where all samples are kept there.




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